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Site improvements and landscaping add tremendous value to a property if considered properly. After all, who builds a house without first counting the cost?

Design adjustments are easily made when planning, however, when made later have a major impact that can cost time and money. Sometimes projects require planned phasing or special municipal approvals. That’s why it is most advantageous to have a suitable plan prior to construction.

When permits are obtained and improvements are constructed, a proper plan can avoid costly delays or mistakes. Once developed, the site plan can be used as a tool to price or consider the cost of improvements, which is especially important prior to implementing a master plan or extensive site plan. Working with a qualified professional who is trained in this line of work can help you. Consulting with a landscape architect is what you need. Land Design Concepts offers personal and professional assistance, years of experience, and reasonable rates. No hidden fees are involved as others may have when preparing both a site plan and providing sales and installation of materials.

When hiring Land Design Concepts, you simply get site design consultation at its best.