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We're happy if you are happy. Here are some kind words from just a few of our satisfied clients.

"As a commercial design professional, Paul's knowledge is second to none. He seeks to understand your project, researches and provides options in order to achieve your desired outcomes. He will meet your budget. He is competent, dedicated & trustworthy."

Dave Zerbe,
Warwick SD, Business Manager

"While working jointly for General Growth Properties at the Park City Mall on the "Streetscape Addition" located in Lancaster, PA, I found Paul an asset with problem solving on this very complicated and fast tracked project. I was impressed with his communications skills and the report he built with Poole Construction, our Site Contractor, and the local municipality through the course of construction. In addition Paul is committed to being a good steward to the environment and his community. I recommend him highly and without reservations."

           Frank Polan,
           Poole Construction Company

"We had been thinking of improving our waterfront property for a long time but we could never really put the whole plan together. We had some preliminary ideas, but could not envision how to put it all together — screened porch, pool, patio/deck areas, landscaping, etc.

"Paul was brilliant! He expanded our ideas and gave us many alternatives, all with exciting features we would never have conceived on our own. He spent a lot of time helping us understand how we will use the outdoor areas which was key to making good decisions. He developed a master plan that has us very excited. We are now starting construction with confidence that each step we take moves us closer to the big dream."

           Dave and Judy Templeton,